Monday, December 8, 2008

It's another Green Christmas--buh bye outside lights!

So this is my first official blogging experience...aren't you glad you get to suffer through it with me?

Jason was really happy yesterday when I decided that I can't just talk the Green talk, I gotta walk the Green walk. A ridiculous way to say that I can't justify wasting energy on Christmas lights. Me, the chick who starts counting down until the day after Thanksgiving so I can get all the decorations up and out and all over. I even surprised Tyler...he told me I was ruining Christmas. But here's the much time really do you spend looking at your own darn Christmas lights? Seriously, probably only when you drive in your driveway at night. I mean, I don't sit outside and stare at them, so other than looking conspicuously Scroogey between your neighbors and their lights and inflatables and candy cane sidewalk borders, putting lights up makes you happy for about 3 minutes a day. And the rest of the time--a total waste of energy.

It's hard to explain it to a typical 6 year-old. But as Tyler likes to remind me, I'm turning Mattie into a hippie, so she's cool with it. Unlike most people who have spent 5 or 6 times as much time as she has spent on our planet, my daughter understands the importance of taking care of the environment.

And Jason's just happy to not have to crawl around on the roof.

So part two of my going Green Christmas plan is to skip the paper Christmas cards. Added benefit is not having to lick 124 envelopes and find time to get them mailed before the New Year. I got them out on MLK Day once. Anyway, hope you enjoy the blog.
PS: I did let Mattie put Christmas lights on her playhouse, but we don't plug them in unless we're outside at night. Which we never are. But it looked cute in the pictures. I'll put one up here when I get them uploaded.

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