Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Nutcracker and other Christmas Traditions!

Tyler & Mattie got our tree decorated, though it took awhile since we had to work around school, work, and activity schedules. It looks great. I feel a tad bit guilty this year for not giving our sweet tree something to drink, but we've decided over the years it doesn't seem to matter if we put water in it or's pretty much dry and prickly by Christmas either way. So we opted to go dry this year and avoid the sloppy smelly tree water mess of years past.
Mattie and I made our annual trek to the Nutcracker Ballet, and I'm kinda hoping this will be our last year, at least for awhile. Even Mattie was bored. But it was fun to get all dressed up and go downtown, and we had the added bonus of getting to take my oldest and dearest friend Alison and her daughterBonnie with us. They just moved to the area from DC, so we're thrilled to have them close.
Other other yearly tradition is to decorate the yard of our good friends the Allens on or around Christmas. This one started because Brad, who lovingly refers to his dear wife Gretchen as "the Gretch who stole Christmas," begs every year to put Christmas lights on the house, and every year the Gretch refuses. So we do up their house in our own crazy style. We've fake-snowed their shrubs, trees, and grass (sorry about those bushes that are still a little discolored), hung huge ugly ornaments from their trees, Candy-Caned their yard (you might be familiar with Forking--where you stick plastic forks tines down in the yard--same principal, but with a Christmas twist), and put a huge plastic Frosty-the-Snowman on their front porch. Since this blog will go to "print" before we hit their yard this year, I'll have to update it after Operation Holiday Spirit is accomplished.

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