Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving in Kansas with the Oliver clan

Well, we didn't get snow this year, but we did have a TurDucKen. For those not from Southeast Texas or anywhere in Louisiana, that would be a chicKEN, deboned and stuffed inside a DUCk, which is stuffed inside a TURkey. It was yummy, those the Kansas kin was a bit scared at first. It was good to see everyone. Mom and Dad flew in from Georgia, and Uncle Bobby came in from Missouri. I can't remember the last time we were all together. Mattie and Abby played nonstop and had tons of fun swimming in the (freezing cold) pool at the Holidome. (Thanks again Suze!).
Aunt Cheryl made her triple crown award winning apple pie (best apple pie in Topeka's Cider Days festival three years in a row!), Kelly made her dirt cake, and Mom made her pumpkin rolls. There was so much great food. Stress on the "so much." It was everywhere. Everyone left the pumpkin pie alone after Bubba the Dog (not to be confused with Bubba the Tyler) slobbered all over it. Everyone but Cody. Teenage boys will eat just about anything. I got some great pics of the little cousins. Enjoy!

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